The shrill chirp of sneakers darting across a gymnasium floor that echoes down the hallway. The smell of freshly waxed floors and old books. The harsh clang of a locker slamming shut, punctuating the silence of an afternoon lull. If you went to public school in North America, these sights, sounds, and smells, should be all too familiar. They dredge up feelings of nostalgia and angst for a stage in our lives that’s often messy and transformative. This environment transports us to a time when we’re discovering our identity and formulating a belief system.

JV Collective’s studio is located in the former Edward Bok Vocational High School in South Philadelphia which was decommissioned in 2013. Years later the building has taken on a new life as a space for artists, small businesses, non-profits, and the like. But as we walk to our studio each day we pass by the auditorium, long rows of lockers, and empty trophy cases; vestiges of the buildings past life.

In a nod to this loaded locale, we’re seeking submissions of necklaces and pendants to be suspended and documented in the lockers of the Bok hallway. We invite work that explores the theme of coming of age, formative years, and discovering your identity. Whatever your ‘high school’ experience was (or wasn’t) we’re looking for broad interpretations of this concept and these ideas can be explored objectively or abstractly, be narrative and autobiographical or expository and analytical. 

The accepted works will be professionally photographed on location to help capture the ambiance of the environment. There will be several facets of our newly reimagined version of In-School Suspension: a virtual/online exhibition, a printed zine publication, and more exciting surprises!

Eligibility:  Anyone may submit up to two necklaces or pendants for consideration (collaborations are also welcome)!  Please read the details below about space limitations, guidelines, and fees.  Email us at with any questions.

Space Limitations:

Due to the nature of our installation space, work must fit within the confines of a 12”x12” space that is approximately 40” tall. All necklaces and pendants will be hung from the interior locker hooks, so they must be able to support themselves without display aids. Please see the provided image for more information on the locker dimensions and visuals of the hooks provided.


The Details:

Deadline for Submissions: ̶A̶p̶r̶i̶l̶ ̶1̶s̶t̶ *AUGUST 1st*

Where: TBD

When: TBD

Application Fee:

Sliding Scale: $5.00-$35.00
We encourage students and emerging artists to apply for this exhibition. To keep this call for entries as financially accessible as possible, we’re instituting a sliding scale or pay what you can application fee within range of $5.00-$35.00.  

We ask you to determine an application fee that you can comfortably manage. Your application fee will be used to help offset the costs of producing this exhibition and will help support promotion, shipping, publication costs, and professional photography.  (If you would like to contribute more than listed on the sliding scale towards these costs, you are welcome to!  All contributions will be used to support the exhibition).

Please submit your application fee at the time of submission.
Application fees can be sent through PayPal to

Shipping Costs:

Artists are responsible for all shipping costs.  More shipping details will be given to participating artists after the notification of acceptance date.

Application Materials (please apply through Google Form link): 

-Your name, return shipping address, email, website, social media handles

-We invite you to submit up to two pieces for this exhibition.

-You may submit work that is done collaboratively, but please provide the names and contact information for all artists involved 

-You may provide up to two images for each submission (an overall view and a detail view)

-Please also provide a piece description for each submission (title, materials, dimensions, and year)

-Provide a short statement (250 words max) on how you feel your work fits within the theme and concept of this exhibition


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