Sirens: NYCJW

Post Card Front with TitleSirens: NYCJW

November 17, 2018

Open Hours: 11:00am-5:00pm

Opening Reception: 7:00pm-10:00-pm



Ghost Galley

893 Bergen Street, Unit 7

Brooklyn NY 11238


“To tempt, to seduce, to bewitch, to entrap, to wink, to flash, to caution, to scream. The duality of Sirens conjures vivid images that can be linked to the powerful capabilities of jewelry.

For their third installment of Sirens, the JV Collective takes a bite out of the big apple and travels to Brooklyn for the inaugural year of New York City Jewelry Week.

Sirens is a collection of new work from the JV Collective, a group of six female artists (Mallory Weston, Emily Cobb, Sarah Rachel Brown, Maria Eife, Melanie Bilenker, and Leslie Boyd) based in Philadelphia. Our group creates a diverse range of work which becomes unified and connected through the dual nature and concept of the siren. A spectrum of work that portrays surreal creatures which create their own mythology and works that seduce through their compelling use of line, texture, or sensual materials. Conversely, they create works that shout and signal in vibrant colors using bold graphic imagery or works that alert and call attention to inequity and prejudice. But perhaps the image of a siren as a powerful woman speaks to our work the most, as we explore the nature of femininity, feminism, and the female form.”


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